​R2 Optimization Platform

The RTOP platform is our SaaS proven analytics tool. It has been used for over 10 years and responsible for generating over $330M in new revenue for clients worldwide
The RTOP Process


Making the right decisions about data analytics means understanding you business and economics. Our experts and engineers will help design a system that works with you existing technology investments to design a solution to extract value from  your data landscape.


With over 50 plugins already built, our data injestion tools work with your data format. No more complicated data transformations. All of that is handled without impacting your existing work flow.


Our simulation and analysis tools are designed to work with the tools that you are already familiar with. Excel, R, Python are some of the many exporters that can work with the data analysis. No extra training costs and you can leverage the benefits of your data on day one!


Real-time dashboards provide wholistic look into your business operations. Leverage Tableau, Spotfire or build a custom dashboard to visualize the impact of decisions as they happen.

RTOP: A Rosetta Stone of Engineering Applications
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