• Using Software to Engineer Solutions for the Resource Industry

R2 applies engineering principles & standards to innovation.

From rejuvenating legacy engineering software to applying the latest innovations like IoT and Blockchain

We make the software in your business effective.

Engineering Services
Our team of consultants and engineers are experts in the fields of economic & engineering analysis, modeling & simulation, systems integration & data analytics, software services, product development, and business solutions both in Alberta and around the world. Put our expertise to work on your problems
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​R2 Optimization Platform 

RTOP is a SaaS analytics tool that can help make sense of your data. Built on more than a decade worth of experience, RTOP is designed to integrate with your team and infrastructure giving them clearer insights into their decisions. 

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Software Services 

We are experts in Mobile, Cloud, Web, and Desktop Technology. Our unique skills and process driven approach can help you solve your trickiest IT problems. We tread where others fear to go.

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